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The Collaborative Approach is rising! Are you prepared?

Over the past several years, increased pressure from communities, environmental groups, politicians, and regulators has changed the environmental service game. In most cases, it is no longer good enough to deal with environmental challenges by applying traditional approaches – Forcing project owners to look [...]

There’s Airspace Aplenty, So What’s the Problem?

“Airspace” is generally defined as the number of cubic yards a landfill has available for waste. The amount of remaining airspace can be used to estimate a landfill’s remaining lifespan in years. Since the United States covers vast, largely unpopulated areas, particularly in [...]

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As Landfills Max Out, It Takes a Village to Determine What’s Next

When a landfill nears the end of its useful life, all the people it affects — its owners, government officials, nearby residents, and developers — need to come together to develop a plan for the future. No homeowner ever chooses to have a landfill [...]

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Where is all this Coal Ash supposed to go?

It is all about STORAGE. A simple analogy, coal ash storage is like trying to organize your closet in an endless battle to fit ever more stuff into little space.  However, unlike your closet problem utility companies cannot get rid of those unneeded [...]

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Funded CapEx – A proactive plan when the pandemic subsides.

Most CFOs are planning to curtail capital expenditures (CapEx), anticipate more layoffs and other means to cut spending to bolster finances amid the COVID-19 economic fallout, according to various sources. Like all other businesses, the environmental industry is no exception. [...]

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From the Desk of the Utility CEO

The CEO in the corner office of any large organization has a lonely existence. CEOs of utilities may feel even more isolated – but it’s not mandatory. The energy industry is steadily evolving beyond fossil fuels and shifting to more renewable and sustainable sources. This [...]

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