EnCAP-IT Solutions of Virginia, LLC (ESV) holds an Exclusive Intellectual Property License Agreement and is the licensee, with rights to certain intellectual property rights and associated patents relating to EnCAP-IT’s solutions for the purpose of implementing environmental solutions at certain facilities located in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Custis Coleman manages ESV’s business by providing environmental solutions, building the sales pipeline, pursuing project partnerships, and generating capital for explosive growth within the company. As the CEO of several small companies, Mr. Coleman has more than 25 years of experience creating and acquiring businesses that effectively address solutions. Sectors he has invested and built businesses in include healthcare consulting and technology, industrial and residential real estate development, and environmental services.

Currently, Mr. Coleman focuses his energy in the environmental remediation space. Along with his role at ESV, he is also the CFO of First Call Environmental, a regional environmental cleanup firm specializing in emergency response in the mid-Atlantic region.

Custis focuses his energy on business development in the environmental remediation space.


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