HNA Engineering, PLLC (HNA) holds an Technology Share Agreement with rights to develop EnCAP-IT solutions at certain facilities primarily located in the following states; North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

HNA is a privately held company founded in 2016 and based in Statesville, North Carolina, which provides consulting services to the waste management and power industries, among others. HNA’s consulting service offerings are based on experience, know-how and determination.

HNA believes that new ideas and innovations exist. They must be carefully developed and properly implemented for the solid waste industry to lead the way with greener, environmentally protective, non-traditional methods. The lack of new airspace being permitted and developed will continue to outpace the demands for disposal. Optimizing today’s airspace will maximize the benefits for tomorrow.

Ray Hoffman manages HNA’s business by providing environmental solutions to sites primarily in mid-Atlantic region.

Ray consults with governmental, institutional and commercial clients relative to the waste industry: including landfill operations, new landfills, landfill expansions and CCR management.


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