Mick Warner brings to our clients more than 35 years of direct, hands-on experience in the environmental and solid waste fields. Mr. Warner has worked as both a consultant and a contractor in the 35 years since graduating from UW-Wisconsin in Environmental Engineering. His consultancy, Janesville Dredging Company LLC (JDC), handles sales, marketing, and consulting for EnCAP-IT primarily in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois; specializing in all aspects of the environmental services market.

As a consultant, he developed innovative solutions to waste and residuals management, with an emphasis on eliminating, reducing, or reclassifying waste streams to reduce costs. These efforts involved a thorough understanding of the applicable regulations, and a great deal of coordination between generators, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Using the experience gained from consulting, Mr. Warner built a $30 million per year environmental construction division within a hazardous waste company. Responsible for a wide variety of projects, including many that required innovative construction techniques and material management. Most recently, Janesville Dredging Company, LLC (JDC), a Wisconsin company that performed a successful environmental dredging project that included the beneficial reuse of the dredged material.

Mick’s background provides an excellent foundation to assist EnCAP-IT. He consults with governmental, institutional and commercial clients relative to the waste industry: including landfill operations, new landfills, landfill expansions and CCR management.


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