At EnCAP-IT, we partner with environmental solution driven organizations that understand our solutions and how they can assist their clients. Whether it is through an exclusive intellectual property license or technology share agreement, our partners are well versed in our solution tool sets.  They partner and collaborate with their clients to deliver proven, proper and sustainable environmental solutions.

To keep abreast of ever-changing issues, trends, and legislation and to keep our expert network on the leading edge, we are active in industry associations. We maintain a wide variety of contacts, so we have access to the right talent for each project and you precisely get the answers you need to address your environmental issues.


Four Components of Successful Project

EnCAP-IT Solutions of Virginia
EnCAP-IT Solutions of VirginiaExclusive Intellectual Property License | Commonwealth of Virginia
Information / Contact
Berm Material Management
Berm Material ManagementExclusive Intellectual Property License | MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, NE
Information / Contact
HNA Engineering, PLLC
HNA Engineering, PLLCTechnology Share Agreement (Development) | NC, SC, GA and Tennessee
Information / Contact
Environmental Organization
Environmental OrganizationStrategic Innovation Consulting
Technology Share Agreement
Exclusive Intellectual Property License Agreement