EnCAP-IT is an environmental consulting firm located in Virginia that provides a patented, green, innovative, solution platform that is designed to resolve environmental challenges. We thrive on turning risks into opportunities by providing responsive solutions to our exclusive partners.

Environmental challenges are increasing across the world, especially here in the US because of heightened environmental awareness, public interest for sustainable development and stringent environmental protection laws and regulations.


EnCAP-IT is built on helping its Exclusive Partners’ clients mitigate risk, manage and reduce impacts, and maximize opportunities related to safety, sustainability, and the environment.

Our approach is to offer effective and cost-efficient solutions to our Partners helping them solve environmental issues with a combination of diverse experience, technical expertise, and common sense. We incorporate business goals into our solutions, negotiating successfully with regulatory agencies and stakeholders through all stages of a project.

When EnCAP-IT goes to work, we bring our tools with us.

Is your organization prepared with the right tools?