Proactive Liquid Management
eMSE Structures

By Design: Safer
A geomembrane as primary and secondary containment
Toe Drain System to collect, transport, and dispose of the moisture collected

Efficient Use of Space
The Creation of Opportunities

By Design: Preserving the Environment
By Design: Preserving the Environment
Mount Trashmore Park
Sports Complex

Reuse of Non-Traditional Materials to Reduce Construction Costs

By Design: Cheaper
Construction Material: CCR
Construction Material: Impacted Soils
Construction Material: Incinerator Ash
Construction Material: Non-Recyclable Materials
Construction Material: Dredge Spoils

Is your organization prepared with the right tools?

Our Town was looking for different methods to close our old dump.  One of EnCAP-IT’s consultants provided a plan that not only closed the dump, but created needed open space for our community.   All while saving money.

Council Member, Municipality

This type of system provides us more opinions to develop our properties; all with a less costly business model.

Land Owner, Developer