Areas that have served as solid waste landfills or coal ash ponds are not doomed to spend eternity as eyesores on the landscape. In many cases, adaptive reuse can transform that land into better spaces than it was to begin with.

The time to face the future is now. Environmental Stewardship requires innovation, forethought and a desire to look beyond immediate problems so you can see the better way of life that lies beyond the horizon and strive to achieve it.  EnCAP-IT.

EnCAP-IT currently has patented, safe, and cost-effective land development solutions. With our simple, sensible approach, we maximize land reuse options. Options include safer Mechanically Stabilized Earthen (eMSE) structural fills that create opportunity. The cost savings can be significant. And since we have deep knowledge and experience across the spectrum for solving the issue of open space, you can turn to us for strategic support as well.




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