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By Design: Safer
A geomembrane as primary and secondary containment
Toe Drain System to collect, transport, and dispose of the moisture collected

The use of an eMSE bunker system can provide a more efficient use of waste footprint. This construction method can reduce waste footprint consumption by 40%. Eliminates the need to use/acquire adjacent land parcels, reduces permitting requirements, and completes the requirements in a shorter timeframe than established by traditional methods.

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Limits “Double Handling”
  • Reduces Time-frame
  • Outside slopes capped using a “shingle” method
  • Individual bunkers capped at a rapid pace
  • Creation of V-Notch bunkers allows greater stability
  • Segment approach provides stability relief on outside slopes
By Design: Preserving the Environment
New Landfill – Traditional Methods
New Landfill – EnCAP-IT Methods
Expand Existing Landfill – EnCAP-IT Methods
Increased stability features, allows for “off spec”, less desirable excavated coal ash to be placed rapidly; decreasing intermediate

An eMSE bunker system lowers per unit cost (airspace created) of the landfill. Under traditional methods the excavation and replacement progresses, the accumulating ash forms a slope and the available landfill acreage shrinks. With the eMSE bunker system outside slopes could be increased from a landfill standard of 3 to 1 to 1 to 1 bunker standard. This saves space, time and money.

  • Reuse of non-traditional construction materials avoids costly procurement of natural resources

  • Minimizes Off-Site Transportation Costs

  • Optimizes the use of On-Site Property

  • Closure timeframe is reduced

  • Efficient placement of “off spec”, less desirable excavated coal ash

  • Final (Smaller) footprint equals lower Post-Closure care/financial assurance

By Design: Cheaper
Construction Material: CCR
Limit “Double Handling”
Reduce source to placement distance
Cost Comparison Table: When Excavation is Required

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EnCAP-IT’s technology maximizes the excavated inflow rate, minimizes the dewatering, and onsite hauling distance. This allows my equipment enough “lay down” space to stay ahead of unencumbered excavation.  Encumbered excavation costs me time and money.

Project Manager, Excavation Company

The method of individually wrapping the cells (bunkers) allows for the acceleration of capping the excavated ash.  This avoids future contact water created by weather or natural disasters.

Engineer Consultant, Engineering Firm