Coal Ash Dilemma – The Age of Compromise

i t is hard to imagine, with such little progress over the past fifteen years, that we are on the verge of solving the coal ash dilemma. But the simple fact remains that to eliminate carbon pollution from the electricity sector in a reasonable timeframe requires a “mass clean-up” of inadequate coal ash storage across [...]

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Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay to Be the Environmental Knight, But Sometimes It Can.

When does it pay to do more than the minimum? In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of doing more than the minimum requirements stated in regulatory documents. From an environmental standpoint, it always pays off to go the extra mile. Financially, applying additional safeguards can be expensive. Additionally, the current regulatory framework does [...]

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EnCAP-IT Joins Forces with JDC

Richmond, Va., (January 27, 2021). EnCAP-IT announces partnership with JDC (Janesville Dredging Company) to promote environmentally friendly and lasting solutions for the CCR Management, Waste Management, and Land Development industries, primarily in the Great Lakes Area. JDC is led by Mick Warner, an environmental engineer and contractor who has worked in the industry since [...]

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