“1 + 1 = 3” is a concept of obtaining greater success by solving two traditional environmental problems at the same time, the combination results in higher success than individual projects. For example, expanding a landfill by building an eMSE berm utilizing beneficial use fill from a remediation project.

Project 1: Expansion + Project 2: Beneficial Reuse = Safer, Better, Cheaper

The first step in obtaining “1 + 1 = 3” success is self-awareness. Whether you are a CEO, COO, Vice-President, Manager, engineer, or consultant ask yourself one simple question;

Has my project pushed past the traditional means and methods to optimize the projects’ results?

Most of you don’t know, didn’t realize, or simply used traditional means and methods because it is comfortable. Realizing that your environmental plan can be improved is the first step to maximizing your success.

Environmental Stewardship requires innovation, forethought, and a desire to look beyond immediate problems so you can see the better way of life that lies beyond the horizon and strive to achieve it.

Is your organization prepared with the right tools?