It is all about BUILDING safe, adequate, and economical STORAGE.

There is too much coal ash and not enough existing space (landfills) to properly store this waste. Utilities must develop different approaches to comply with ever-changing regulations. Now is the time to find relief to this issue; time is wasting away.

Beneficiation has provided some relief to this conundrum. Nevertheless, beneficiation timeframes greatly extend beyond desired regulatory and environmental protection timeframes. So the issue of storage still takes centerstage.

Another form of relief are solutions that use coal ash as a construction fill material (on-site or off-site). Here at EnCAP-IT we specialize in solutions that maximize the use of space; always by making the most of every single acre, yard, or foot of available land for storage. Our safeBERM®, safeSTORAGE® and safeREUSE™ patented, green solutions can use coal ash (other materials also) as construction fill in a protective, efficient, and economic manner.

Our solutions take full advantage of coal ash characteristics that at times are overlooked;

  • Primary decomposition is complete
  • Homogeneous material
  • Abundant supply

Although we have been locked in coal ash trench warfare for over a decade, we can all agree on a few things;

  • Coal Ash is a waste.
  • The amount of land on this planet is fixed.
  • There is an abundance of coal ash needing proper storage.

Is your organization prepared with the right tools?