Over the past several years, increased pressure from communities, environmental groups, politicians, and regulators has increased the challenges associated with landfill capacity expansions. Traditional expansion approaches take years to develop only to find out that the landfill owner was on the wrong path and did not develop a “Plan B”, wasting time and money.

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Despite labeling that choice as insane, most of the phrase still holds true for landfill expansions.

If you want different results than what you’re getting, you must try different approaches.

Collaborative Approach is one way to attack problems head on. Unfortunately, project owners may handcuff themselves at the very beginning of their strategy planning. Choosing the proper delivery method can determine the collaborative framework.

All project delivery methods consist of elements, including design, planning, construction, and financing. However, they are different in the ways that these elements interact (collaboration) with each other.

By changing your landfill expansion delivery method to either Construction-Management-at-Risk or Design-Build methodology can ensure the greatest amount of collaboration; saving time and money.

Below is a brief description of three common delivery methods and how they can affect the collaboration approach.

Design-Bid-Build Delivery Method (DBB) – TRADITIONAL APPROACH

Project owners, even with capable management teams, have relied on traditional environmental project delivery methods like DBB to fill in knowledge gaps. Most often, an owner, or designer will decide on how to approach each of these important elements.

To some degree, there has always been collaboration involved in this delivery method. However, these elements are often completed in a linear fashion, limiting collaboration amongst the owner and designer.

Construction-Management-at-Risk (CMR)

The CMR delivery method supports the project owner not only during construction, but also during pre-development, fostering collaboration throughout the pre-construction phase. This method requires partnering with a construction manager that brings the technical capabilities appropriate for the project. By integrating the construction team and engaging the designers and contractor early on, the project benefits from better constructability insights and more effective decision making.

Design-Build (DB)

This procurement simplifies the process for the owner by sourcing a contract with a single point of responsibility, the design-builder. While the schedule and budget are determined during the pre-development phases, increased collaboration amongst the design and construction team members results in saved time and money.

Here at EnCAP-IT we provide safeBERM®, safeSTORAGE® and safeREUSE™ patented, green solutions to our Exclusive Partners so that they can collaborate with project owners.

We require the collaboration approach as a CORE component, paramount to the project’s success and ensures that all opinions are counted.