HERE THEY COME. the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently rejected requests from energy facilities to dump coal ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, into unlined surface impoundments.

This new call for action exposes a simple truth, a reset is needed for all Stakeholders, not just Utilities

It is not just the Utilities that need to reset their strategy, but politicians, regulatory agencies, environmentalists, and local communities need to understand need to reset their strategies. Environmental stewardship goes beyond just the old, outdated battle cry; “Not in My Back Yard”. Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation is the answer to find a middle-path, but it takes all stakeholders to embrace change.

Use Environmental Common Sense. If you don’t’ have enough capacity to properly store your excavated coal ash in your on-site landfill, then add the tools to create more. IT’S JUST MATH!

Good news! The tools have already been developed: safeBERM® and safeSTORAGE® and doesn’t take a great paradigm shift to figure it out.

The safeBERM® and safeSTORAGE® systems allows for Progressive Filling and Progressive Capping.

Progressive Filling

Providing variety of advantages: (when using existing CCR Footprint)

  • Smaller Footprint (Can reduce 40-45%)
  • Limits “Double Handling”
  • Reduces Timeframe
  • Greater Inventory Control

Progressive Capping

Protection from severe weather/flooding and are structured with the greatest stability standards, providing many advantages:

  • Outside slopes capped using a “shingle” method.
  • Outside slopes form bi-directional hydrostatic barriers
  • Individual bunkers capped at a rapid pace
  • Creation of V-Notch bunkers allows greater stability
  • Segment approach provides stability relief on outside slopes

Watch how safeBERM® and safeSTORAGE® systems can help you do the math.