Here at EnCAP-IT we use a term, “Funded CapEx”. We are afforded the opportunity to use the term Funded CapEx because our solution tools; safeBERM®, safeSTORAGE® and safeREUSE™ utilize non-traditional construction materials in an environmentally safe manner, voiding the costly procurement of natural resources.

Traditional Mechanically Stabilized Earthen berms have been around since the 1960s. These berms closed landfills and created better use of airspace while also having a smaller footprint. Unfortunately, traditional methods have not kept up with the changing strategies around the waste industry. These traditional methods are also expensive. The capital costs of a traditional berm expansion are an average of $10 per cubic yard. In comparison, our encapsulated Mechanically Stabilized Earthen berms have capital costs of ($2.18) to $4.21 per cubic yard.



Capital Cost to Develop Airspace

First Cell $10/CY to $20CY
Average cell after the first $2CY to $5/CY
Permitted expansion $5/CY to $10/CY
MSE berm expansion $10/CY
safeBERM® expansion ($2/CY) to $4/CY

For example, our safeBERM® Solution takes the costliest construction line item under a traditional berm method: material procurement and converts the cost into a funding source. Depending on material availability, the Net CapEx Cost is dramatically reduced, eliminated or a negative CapEx (Profit) is created.

We offer an innovative approach that is Safer, Better and Cheaper. Is your organization prepared with the right tools?