It is all about STORAGE.

A simple analogy, coal ash storage is like trying to organize your closet in an endless battle to fit ever more stuff into little space. However, unlike your closet problem utility companies cannot get rid of those unneeded belongings (coal ash), or sign on the dotted line for storage-unit lease (landfills).

OUR TOOLS provide

More Stability. Our solution is more stable than traditional methods.

Smaller Footprint. With our solution, coal ash companies will be getting more from a limited space. The EnCAP-IT solution allows you to take things vertical and make better use of the land footprint.

Less Dewatering. The EnCAP-IT solution will reduce the amount of dewatering required. Compared to offsite transportation where removal companies need to achieve a 20 – 25% moisture content, EnCAP-IT’s solution allows companies to keep the coal ash onsite with a preferred 45-55% moisture content.

Closure by Removal. Our solution will work for projects requiring your team to dewater, beneficiate, onsite storage/landfill, or remove off-site if it is necessary.

Easier Hybrid Closure. Our solution can create a hybrid solution customized for your specific site requirements. You can do a combination of dewatering, consolidating, and reducing the land footprint.

Easier Future Beneficiation. The bunker-style ash storage allows for easier future harvesting.

Our solutions take full advantage of coal ash characteristics that at times are overlooked;

  1. Primary decomposition is complete
  2. Homogeneous material
  3. Abundant supply