During an episode of “The West Wing,” President Bartlet said at different points to Charlie and Sam to “see the whole board.” In the first instance, he referred to a real chessboard. In the second, the deployment of naval resources around the globe. In both cases, he was pushing his staff to step back and look at the big picture.

Sometimes, we focus too closely on one detail, causing us to lose sight of the ultimate goal.

Environmental Leaders need to “See the Whole Board”.

By doing so, Leaders need to look at a range of solutions that can get the job done, or at least enough ways to scale them in time to make a difference. Although known, traditional methods can sometimes leave environmental leaders handcuffed. Instead of being prepared for the plethora of unknown challenges, the traditional methods can only scope for the known challenges. As a result, we are looking only at a pawn facing a queen and not the rook on the sides ready to capture.

It is getting a lot harder to operate in the environmental space. Increased regulations, shrinking capacities, public pressures and political ambitions have certainly changed the game. For example, the “Coal Ash” world has seen many shifts in policy, more regulations, less regulations, and general misunderstandings as to what to do with 2 billion tons of improperly stored waste. Utilities have spent millions on unsuccessful pathways.

Like in chess, Environmental Leaders need to pick a spot beyond what’s in front of them and then build a solution that can drive all stakeholders to that spot. If your strategy is managing one space at a time instead of managing the desired result you will lose probably because you timed out.

EnCAP-IT Helps Environmental Leaders See the Whole Board

Ultimately, we are challenged to shift our conversations, collaboration, and solutions. If the effects of climate change have taught us anything, we must prepare for the unforeseen challenges of a project. If traditional thinking does not take these into account, we need to step back from the focused vision to see the whole picture.

Part of the whole picture is partnering with leaders who can share their non-traditional solutions, allowing one another to widen the “whole board.” Using tools like EnCAP-IT eases the stress of responding to the unknown challenges that fell outside of the original scope. From the financial, deadline, and environmental protection standpoints, a solution that can flexibly respond to the unknown challenges that keep a project within budget, on time, and increased safety is the right solution.

With EnCAP-IT’s tools, environmental leaders can solve problems that traditional methods have been unable to do.



It’s time to win the game by seeing the whole board. EnCAP-IT’s solutions do not require additional land to be purchased and minimize expensive natural resources procurement. Whether it is CCR, Landfill, or Land Development, our solutions use the remediation material in the eMSE structures while also preserving the natural resources turning the long-term land into a one-solution path. One by one, these improvements lower the costs and can reduce timelines.

Whether you are a leader in coal ash, waste management, or land development, the EnCAP-IT solutions will improve your bottom line while also doing more than the regulatory minimums. With EnCAP-IT, you will see the whole board.

Going green while saving green.