Since January 2022, the EPA has issued several decisions related to coal ash, signaling it is finally taking the 2015 rules seriously. Among other actions, the EPA has ordered companies to stop placing ash in unlined ponds since keeping coal ash in unlined storage has long been the threat to drinking water.

VertiCell™ construction method of a segmented bunker style retrofit system can be completed safer, better, and cheaper than a typical traditional methods of coal ash basin retrofits.

VertiCell™ consolidates, compacts the ash by utilizing the vertical airspace created over a limited area. These segmented bunker style cells are quickly filled, capped, and rendered inert at a much faster pace than traditional methods. Here at EnCAP-IT we refer to this process as Progressive Filling and Progressive Capping.

VertiCell™ Progressive Filling

  • Limits “Double Handling”
  • Reduces Timeframe
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Greater Inventory Control

VertiCell™ Progressive Capping

  • Outside slopes capped using a “shingle” method
  • Outside slopes form bi-directional hydrostatic barriers
  • Individual bunkers capped at a rapid pace
  • Creation of V-Notch bunkers allows greater stability
  • Segment approach provides stability relief on outside slopes

VertiCell™ Method = Cost Control

  • Minimizes Off-Site Transportation Costs
  • Optimizes the use of On-Site Property
  • Closure timeframe is reduced
  • Efficient placement of “off spec”, less desirable excavated coal ash
  • Final (Smaller) footprint = lower Post-Closure care/financial assurance

Here at EnCAP-IT, along with our Partners, we are the leading authority in Encapsulated Mechanically Stabilized Earthen (eMSE) structures like VertiCell™. Let us show how you can benefit from this green, proven innovation. Let’s talk.