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Time is Not on Your Side

Unlike the lyrics of a famous Rolling Stones song; “Time is on my side, yes, it is”, in the environmental world folks don’t have time when it comes to landfill expansions. Sure landfill expansions may not be required for seven to ten years down the road for instance; however planning should always be front [...]

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VertiCell™ – Retrofit Construction Method for Coal Ash Basins

Since January 2022, the EPA has issued several decisions related to coal ash, signaling it is finally taking the 2015 rules seriously. Among other actions, the EPA has ordered companies to stop placing ash in unlined ponds since keeping coal ash in unlined storage has long been the threat to drinking water. VertiCell™ construction method [...]

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Where is all this Coal Ash supposed to go?

It is all about STORAGE. A simple analogy, coal ash storage is like trying to organize your closet in an endless battle to fit ever more stuff into little space.  However, unlike your closet problem utility companies cannot get rid of those unneeded belongings (coal ash), or sign on the dotted line for [...]

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The Dark Side of Waste Management

Working in the Waste Management industry can be very lonely at times. Despite recycling efforts, “green” initiatives, and organic waste diversions (composting); mankind will always generate solid waste and those charged with its stewardship are going to be criticized, whether they are doing a good job or not. Since the industry is a “quasi” [...]

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Environmental Common Sense

HERE THEY COME. the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently rejected requests from energy facilities to dump coal ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, into unlined surface impoundments. This new call for action exposes a simple truth, a reset is needed for all Stakeholders, not just Utilities It is not just the Utilities that [...]

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Waste Management is SIMPLE but keeping it that way is the challenge

Waste management refers to the various schemes to manage and dispose of wastes. It can be by discarding, destroying, processing, recycling, reusing, or controlling wastes. The prime objective of waste management is to reduce the amount of unusable materials and to avert potential health and environmental hazards. As simple as that explanation sounds let’s [...]

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Coal Ash is a Waste, but it Doesn’t Have to be Wasted.

The main issue with coal ash across the country is proper storage. With decades of improper storage and a limited regulatory timeline to correct, Utilities are left trying to figure out how to properly store millions of tons of coal ash to allow for future beneficiation. Good news! The tools have already been developed: [...]

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Nothing is certain except for Death, Taxes & Waste

Despite recycling and Zero Waste initiatives across the county, the volume of waste generated hasn’t decreased to the point where we see reduced demand on airspace or an offset in the growing costs of proper disposal. So WASTE and LANDFILLS are a certainly for the foreseeable future. Zero Waste initiatives – where, ideally, 100% [...]

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Best Use Practices = Good Public Policy

Although many environmental organizations state or are under the impression that they are utilizing Best Use Practices, but in reality, they are not. The debate over landfills and landfill expansions has gone on for decades and will continue well into the future. The opponents argue that landfills are unsafe, unhealthy and a public nuisance [...]

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Coal Ash: Micro vs. Macro Approach

Improper labels can hamper the best solutions and could force Utilities into a Micro approach to a Macro problem. In public debate over the best disposition of legacy coal ash (CCR), the phrase “unencapsulated beneficial use” is used. However, “unencapsulated” solutions, such as mixing loose CCR into soil or spreading large quantities as fill [...]

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